Regional District of the Central Okanagan (RDCO)

We work with multiple departments within RDCO, including Park Planning and Community Planning.

FOSS helps identify key access routes and Right-Of-Ways through properties in the Regional District to the South Slopes.

We also encourage/support new parks’ development and current park expansion.

In additional, FOSS works with the RDCO on a variety of projects, (eg. KLO Creek Regional Park bridges; identification and preservation of the historic irrigation flumes).

In pursuit of our goal of achieving ultimate connectivity on the South Slopes, FOSS has always worked closely with the different levels of government and other strategic agencies and stakeholders.

Working with these various decision-making agencies, FOSS serves as an umbrella organization, fully representing, supporting, and collaborating with other stakeholders – the many recreational user groups and engaged private businesses – with whom we share the South Slopes.