Province of BC


FOSS submits applications for maintenance of trails in Crown Lands adjacent to our Provincial Parks; advises on trail relocations in the wildfire mitigation areas (ie. targeted grazing project above Field Road); identifies Crown Lands suitable for preservation as ‘park’.

Environment and Climate Change Strategy (BC Parks)

FOSS holds a Partnership Agreement with BC Parks for the purpose of providing trail maintenance, facility repair, facility maintenance, sign installation and promoting park values in Myra-Bellevue Park and Okanagan Mountain Park.

FOSS consults with management on any issues reported to FOSS’ Trail Maintenance Committee; has submitted a Land Tenure Application to have two Crown Lots (June Springs Rd.) included in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park.

In pursuit of our goal of achieving ultimate connectivity on the South Slopes, FOSS has always worked closely with the different levels of government and other strategic agencies and stakeholders.

Working with these various decision-making agencies, FOSS serves as an umbrella organization, fully representing, supporting, and collaborating with other stakeholders – the many recreational user groups and engaged private businesses – with whom we share the South Slopes.