City Of Kelowna

FOSS works with various departments within the City of Kelowna, including: Parks Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Forestry, Long Range Planning, Real Estate, and Property Management

FOSS has met with the Mayor and Councillors in the past on specific issues relating to South Slopes trail access and connectivity, and  communicates community concerns to appropriate staff, bringing attention to opportunities for acquisitions/access through residential developments/private properties bordering the South Slopes (ie. off June Springs and McCulloch Roads) to add to ‘park’ land. 

FOSS participated in the Kelowna Parks Master Plan, Phase 1 Stakeholder Discussions, volunteering to provide information on the numerous, important access points from the City to the South Slopes trail system. 

FOSS collaborated with the City to secure trail accesses from Luxmoore and Harvard Roads, and Ball Court.  

The Society also financially contributes and assists with various other interface projects (ie. Priest Creek Linear Park bridge building, and then removal/relocating the bridges in MBPP following the flooding of the Creek).

In pursuit of our goal of achieving ultimate connectivity on the South Slopes, FOSS has always worked closely with the different levels of government and other strategic agencies and stakeholders.

Working with these various decision-making agencies, FOSS serves as an umbrella organization, fully representing, supporting, and collaborating with other stakeholders – the many recreational user groups and engaged private businesses – with whom we share the South Slopes.