Wild Horse Canyon Trail Upgrade

Wild Horse Canyon Trail (WHC Trail) had been neglected for years and was severely overgrown.

With generous funding from PACE (Rene Unser) and the commitment from our FOSS Trail Maintenance crew, we decided to take on 17K of upgrade from Lakeshore Rd to Good Creek/Commando Bay.

In Fall 2021, a proof-of-concept 4 day aggressive treatment of the trail was done, accomplishing 4K of completed trail work.

May 2022 saw 11 consecutive days of work, employing a crew of 6-9 volunteers each day. The initial 5 days were done from Lakeshore. We then repositioned to Buchan Flats above Buchan Bay.

A generous donation from Phil Milroy allowed us to fly in a large work camp. We resupplied every 2 days by boat courtesy of Shawn Clerke. Supplies were packed in by horse by members of the Backcountry Horsemen, Scott Walker and Wes Barton.

We successfully completed our goal of 17K of trail cleared and the trail can now be maintained on an annual basis with a fraction of the work days.