Bridge Relocation, Priest Creek

In 2017, 2 bridges in Priest Creek Linear Park became nonfunctional when the creek relocated during extensive flooding in the area. The bridges were high quality, backcountry bridges with 10 inch steel I-beam construction and were located in a cedar forest with 100 foot canopy.

FOSS was contracted by BC Parks to relocate these bridges and work commenced in Spring 2021.

First, new precast foundations were brought into the 2 sites on Fairlane Trail at Priest Creek and Fairlane Loop at Hachey Creek. Then, crews removed the railing system and timbers from the bridges.

A Bell 212 with a lifting capacity of 3400 lbs, from Wildcat Helicopters was used for longline lifts. This also involved removal of the old bridges.

Within 24 hours, the Priest Creek Bridge (Fred’s Bridge) was reconstructed in October 2021.

The Hachey Creek Bridge (Pete’s Bridge) required new planking and was completed 3 weeks later.

Finally, trails were realigned and widened where necessary.